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Exciting Times At GfBC

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Our string of recent notable events begins on Sunday December 20, 2015 when our deacons and elders received a signal from our landlord church that heightened the awareness that we were not in our own building: when we arrived to begin setup for our Sunday School and Worship Services, we discovered the locks had been changed....

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Election Season is HERE!


Pastor Stephen gives some important things to consider as we move into this election season....

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How to Use the Back of a Napkin to Prove to a Jehovah's Witness that Jesus Is God

If you want to prove the Trinity, then, all you need to do is show that three specific truths are taught in Scripture. First, there's only one God. Second, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit are truly distinct persons. Third, each has the essential attribute of deity....

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Guns? or No Guns?

A few thoughts on John Piper's response to Dr. Jerry Falwell regarding whether or not Christians should arm themselves....

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A Note About Reading

The book of Proverbs is filled with counsel to "listen", "gain wisdom", "pay attention", etc. In scripture we are commanded to seek knowledge....

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