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Good Tidings!

This morning, I was reading in The Works of John Knox and came across a doctrinal statement from the martyr, Master Patrick Hamelton written in the early 16th century.  In this statement, he writes beautifully of the things that Christ has accomplished.  

"Of The Gospel":

The gospel, is as much to say, in our tongue, as Good tidings: like every one of these sentences be—

Christ is the Saviour of the world.
Christ is our Saviour.
Christ died for us.
Christ died for our sins.
Christ offered himself for us.
Christ bore our sins upon his back.
Christ bought us with his blood.
Christ washes us with his blood.
Christ came in the world to save sinners.
Christ came in the world to take away our sins.
Christ was the price that was given for us and for our sins.
Christ was made debtor for our sins.
Christ hath payed our debt, for he died for us.
Christ hath made satisfaction for us and for our sins.
Christ is our righteousness.
Christ is our wisdom.
Christ is our sanctification.
Christ is our redemption.
Christ is our goodness.
Christ has pacified the Father of Heaven.
Christ is ours, and all his.
Christ has delivered us from the law, from the devil, and hell.
The Father of Heaven has forgiven us for Christ's sake.