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Daily Calvin 20160121


"In addition, who can deny that the prophetic spirit, in the person of the patriarch Jacob, caused the primacy to be assigned to the tribe of Judah [Gen. 49: 10]— especially if we take the act itself into account, as its outcome has proved? Picture Moses as the first author of this prophecy. Yet from the time that this writing was recorded, four hundred years passed during which there was no mention of a scepter in the tribe of Judah. After the consecration of Saul [I Sam. 11: 15], the royal power seems to have resided in the tribe of Benjamin. When David was anointed by Samuel [I Sam. 16: 13], what visible reason was there for the transference of the kingly power? Who would have anticipated that a king was to come forth from the lowly house of a herdsman? And since there were seven brothers in the family, who would have marked the youngest for the honor? How could he have any hope of the Kingdom? Who would say that his anointing had been determined by human art or effort or prudence, and was not rather the fulfillment of heavenly prophecy?"

Calvin, John (1960-01-01). Calvin: Institutes of the Christian Religion (The Library of Christian Classics) (Kindle Locations 3384-3391). Presbyterian Publishing Corporation. Kindle Edition.