Sunday School at 9:35am & Worship at 10:50am

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Understanding Genesis

July 23, 2017

9:30am – 1:00pm

Location: 106 Bammel Westfield Rd, Houston, TX 77090

Category: Discipleship

Join Dr. Jason Lisle as we begin our new Sunday School series on the themes of Genesis.  Dr. Lisle will be with us for our Sunday School and Worship time.  

9:35 Sunday School - "The Secret Code of Creation"

Dr. Jason Lisle provides "a little window into the mind of God" by exploring the amazingly beautiful and complex secret code that God has built into numbers. Using fractals - types of structures that repeat infinitely on smaller and smaller scales - Dr. Lisle demonstrates that the laws of math couldn't possibly have resulted from any kind of evolution and could only have originated from God. Fractals have no reasonable explanation in the secular/evolutionary worldview, but their intricacy, complexity, and wondrous beauty reflect the infinitely complex and inexpressibly powerful mind of the Creator.

10:50 Worship - "Understanding Genesis"

This presentation shows the central importance of the history in Genesis to major Christian doctrines, and shows how the decline in society is connected to the increasing rejection of biblical creation. The defense of a literal, historical Genesis is absolutely crucial to the success of the Church in its call to make disciples of all nations. Topics include the age of the Earth and the origin of death and suffering.

Jason Lisle Dr. Jason Lisle is a Christian astrophysicist who writes and speaks on various topics relating to science and the defense of the Christian faith.  He graduated summa cum laude from Ohio Wesleyan University where he double-majored in physics and astronomy and minored in mathematics.  He then earned a master’s degree and a Ph.D. in astrophysics at the University of Colorado in Boulder.  Dr. Lisle specialized in solar astrophysics and has made a number of scientific discoveries regarding the solar photosphere, including the detection of giant cell boundaries using the SOHO spacecraft.  He also does theoretical research and has contributed to the field of general relativity.

Since completion of his research at the University of Colorado, Dr. Lisle began working in full-time apologetics ministry, specializing in the defense of Genesis.  He has written a number of articles and books on the topic.  His most well-known book, The Ultimate Proof of Creation, demonstrates that biblical creation is the only logical possibility for origins.  Dr. Lisle wrote and directed the popular planetarium shows at the Creation Museum, including “The Created Cosmos.” 

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