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All Things for Good Sunday School

Thomas Watson, the 17th-century minister of St. Stephen’s Walbrook, believed he faced two great difficulties in his pastoral ministry......

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Wine vs. Grape Juice


A sermon by Reformed Baptist pastor Arden Hodgins on the issue of using wine for communion. This winsom sermon helps us to understand the history of the debate and what a proper view of this topic should be....

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So Why All the Labels?

"Why all the labels?" some ask. "I don't follow men; I follow Christ!" others exclaim. While still others blame the labels (not the doctrinal distinctives they represent) for the entire matter....

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The Lord's Table at GfBC

Questions about the Lord's Supper, or Communion, are nothing new to confessional and reformed churches. Our forefathers wrestled with many of the same questions we often receive, and in fact, the divines who wrote our Confession of Faith....

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A Detailed Response to Doug Brown's Critique of the FICM

Doug Brown has joined a long list of pastors, professors, bloggers, theologians, and otherwise interested parties in writing a critique of the Family Integrated Church Movement (FICM)....

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Dads: Know the Difference Between What the Gospel requires and What It Produces

We must know the difference between condemning our family with the law and shepherding them with the gospel. We must know the difference between what the gospel requires and what [it] produces....

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Three Reasons to Prioritize Your Marriage Over Your Children

There is sometimes a tendency to prioritize our children to the neglect of our marriage. There are at least three reasons that make [this] both foolish and dangerous:...

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What Is A Good Catechism

You've probably heard it said that there are no bad questions. Well... that's not exactly true. There are bad questions, and one of them is, "What is a good catechism?" Actually, it is not as much of a bad question as it is an inadequate, incomplete one. Asking "what is a good catechism" is a bit like asking "what is a good bait?" Every good fisherman knows that a bait is ...

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Nehemiah's Nursery: Part 1

If you've walked into a church service lately with a baby in your arms, chances are you are well aware of the new anti-child atmosphere that dominates much of the modern American church. There are smiling men and women stationed at every door ready to "guide" you to the nursery where your child "will have a very enjoyable experience" and be cared for by the best childcare ...

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Nehemiah's Nursery: Part 2

A discussion of Nehemiah 8 and the use of that passage to justify the 'church nursery'. ...

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